“Katy Mitchell is an amazing therapist! My husband is recovering from serious injuries and Katy has been an absolutely vital part of his rehabilitation. From the first assessment session we knew he was in good hands. Every aspect of his injuries, strengths and needs were thoroughly checked and he felt relaxed and comfortable with Katy's professional and friendly manner.”

“She can adjust so quickly, nothing seems to phase her, she can just change the exercise to accommodate whatever new issue has popped up.”

“I was training to join the armed forces and had an injury that was stopping me from running. Katy helped me by giving me advice, affordable treatment, and a thorough rehabilitation programme. I was able to surpass my previous running ability and successfully join up. I continue to run pain free!”

“We recommend Katy whole-heartedly; we feel incredibly lucky to have had such a skilled and caring physiotherapist as part of John's road to recovery”.

“Not only is she wonderfully positive and encouraging, she's also very good at supporting your progress with goals and reminders of how far you've come. She makes you see how well you're doing, and her positive mental attitude is infectious!”