Common injuries and conditions

​Sports injuries

Back pain and sciatica

Neck pain



Overuse injuries

Knee pain

Hip pain

Shoulder pain

Treatments available

​Advice and information

Manual therapies

eg massage, mobilisation, manipualtion

Acupuncture and electro acupuncture

Exercise / rehabilitation programme

Gait analysis


Referral into diagnostic ultrasound scan clinic with sports and exercise medicine consultant

Onward referral to appropriate sources

Treatment options will always be discussed with you, and I will only carry out treatments that are appropriate for your condition. There may be times when, following the assessment, we decide it is not appropriate to go ahead with a physiotherapy programme. If we feel that another course of action may be best then, with your consent, I will write to your GP and ask to seek alternative modes of care.

Most people who come are given a combined treatment approach of manual therapy, advice and a programme of rehabilitation to follow. This ensures we tackle the problem from every angle. Having worked with private practice, the NHS, and within the British Military I have the experience to offer the best treatment to suit your needs whatever your level of fitness.


It is important to me to help you understand your injury, and to give you the skills to help yourself as best as possible. Your exercise programme is designed just for you, and can be emailed to you so that you can download it to your phone and see videos of the exercises in action so you don’t forget them!